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Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management

Professional management of Google AdWords campaigns, which are indispensable for internet advertising, always provides profit for your business. You are in the right place for minimizing unnecessary clicks and managing different campaign types in the most efficient way.

Identifying the most effective campaigns

In addition to determining the most effective campaign type according to service, product and consumer group, we determine the most suitable search words according to statistics.

Search Ads

It is the type of advertising campaign that is published in the first 4 result areas above the organic searches (search network), determined according to the product or service model. It is generally used in the service sector, but it is a planable campaign type for all business models.

Google Product Ads

Also known as Google Shopping ads, your products on your website are displayed at the top of Google searches with price, visual and product information. With the additional software we have developed, we can dynamically manage your Google Shopping ads and enable you to use them effectively and efficiently.

Display Ads

We publish your ad banners on many websites that are included in the Google Adsense affiliate program by targeting them based on audience, word or domain, and help you to highlight your brand by getting full performance.

Video Ads

We target and manage your video ads on Youtube. Your campaigns are built in two different structures as in-stream and video. TrueView in-Stream (In-Stream video ads), TrueView in-Display (Display)

Remarketing Campaigns

We enable your potential customers who visit your website and then exit in your Google Re-Marketing campaigns to log in to your website again when they need your products and services by publishing your ads on news sites included in the Google Adsense affiliate program, etc.

In Google campaigns, we provide the most efficiency with a low budget.

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