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Tourism Hotel and Tour Reservation Software

B2C and B2B tour booking services

Our company provides B2B and B2C infrastructure support to many agencies and operators with the hotel and tour sales software that it has created with new generation technologies as a result of long-term studies with tour operators and tourism agencies.

Hotel reservation software (B2C)

With Treegroup tour reservation software, you have the opportunity to add and manage your tours in a simple way. With the tour sales infrastructure that allows room type, room price, quota and the ability to easily add and remove different tour dates, you can enable your customers to make easy reservations on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as being compatible with Google and similar search engines.

With our new generation hotel reservation infrastructure, which is very easy to manage, you can make hotel reservations for your customers through your website, either manually or through integration.

Treegroup is your solution partner in hotel reservation software, which is designed with search engine compatible and most importantly developable coding by getting rid of the complex management panel.

Tour reservation software (B2B)

Tour reservation system that allows tour operators to easily add their tours to their sub-agents and make sales to sub-agents with user screens they will open.

Please contact us for detailed information about the tour reservation software, which includes many features such as agency-specific commission definitions, credit card collection facility, and the ability to work on a limited current account (open account).


B2C and B2B Tour and Hotel Reservation Software

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