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Blog How to Increase Page Opening Speed in E-commerce Sites?

E-commerce Page Loading Speed

Factors that directly affect page loading speed

One of the important concepts in e-commerce software is page opening speed, also known as page loading speed.

There are many factors that affect page load speed, and you can find superficial information about the most important of these factors in the following headings.


Page design planning in e-commerce

The first step to be taken in e-commerce software is to plan page designs according to your industry, customer base and product structure. Important situations such as your customers reaching easy results in transactions, the fact that Google and other search engines detect and list the data on your page correctly, and that the page opening speed is faster than expected should be planned during the design phase.


Factors affecting page opening speed in internal SEO compliance

The correct use of your images is one of the factors that affect page opening speed in internal SEO applications for e-commerce sites.

There are many advantages of using your images in the right quality and size on the home page, listing page and product detail page. Apart from visual optimizations, many factors such as resource compression and browser cache usage have a direct effect on your boot speed.


Factors affecting page opening in hosting

The configuration and software of the server where you host your e-commerce infrastructure directly affect your website opening speed.

With the number of processors and ram that will increase in proportion to the number of instant users of your website, the necessary optimizations for the performance of your sql queries in your hardware, server software and e-commerce infrastructure will have positive results.

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